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A reactive web expert always by your side!

Because digital expertise cannot be improvised, simplify your daily life, make the right decisions and save time with your online web expert

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Benefits of our solution

Architecture & Security

Your web expert works on implementing the system at the technical level: processes, servers, security and more generally on the technologies used: databases, development language. He audits and works to ensure the safety of your online tools.

Traffic & SEO

Your webexpert works on your website's SEO, on online advertising campaigns. He configures the monitoring tools, helps you on the positioning strategy and even on the content production.

Digital Strategy

Your web expert works on the company's business plan, marketing and overall strategy on the net (not only marketing). He helps you implement your digital strategy in the long run. He works on your business offer and advises you on the strategy for selling your products and services online.

Unlimited Advice

Your web expert is there to accompany you every step of the way, answer your questions and help you make the right decisions. He can bring his expertise in various areas and works on realizing your business' needs.

Why choose your web expert at WSO?

1. A real web expert to manage your digital presence

Contact your dedicated webexpert without limitation, all year round by phone, videoconference or even chat. Entrust to him all your professional digital obligations like your digital strategy and the framing of website development projects. Let him manage implementing SEO strategies to increase traffic flow to websites, and site maintenance.

2. A web application to simplify your life

Simplify your life and visualize the status of your actions: application connected to your website; marketing campaigns validated in one click; real-time forecasts of your traffic... Everything is possible in one click in your intuitive web application even without any digital knowledge

3. Customized advice so you never get lost.

Develop your business in partnership with your webexpert. Your web expert is always there for you, when you need him to make the right decisions.

Comparison of Web expertise offers


Digital Agency


Dedicated Web expert

Design the digital strategy

Not necessarily

Install & Implement analytics tools

Bug Support

Not necessarily

Security audit

Not necessarily

Suggestion of SEO

Prepare advertising campaigns

Suggest content production

Unlimited consulting

Not necessarily

Web Application

Not necessarily

Manage website SEO

Manage advertising campaigns

Content production suggestions

Traffic & conversions forecasts

Custom Web Development




No hidden costs


Not necessarily